Hey Parents ~ Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You’ve been frustrated or confused by your tween-to-teens attitude.
  • You feel helpless with the lack of communication, understanding and respect.
  • You’re worried that kids are growing up way too fast.
  • You’ve thought (or cried), “I don’t even know who this kid is anymore!” (maybe you feel like the gal in the picture on the right?)

I get it. I really do. Nowadays, families are living in an environment that continues to stretch the boundaries of what we knew when we were kids. There is always new information, opportunities and choices bombarding us from all directions. It’s hard to know what is right for our kids and ourselves.

Here’s the truth: there is no right way…especially when it comes to parenting. Each child – and parent – is different; so is each situation. Rather than looking for a set blueprint, one-size-fits-all solution or magic pill, seek out new perspectives, best practices and proven strategies that you can mold and adopt to fit your family. So, where do you find all that? Right here!



The Flipside of Parenting is an online community designed to provide you with information, parenting tips and resources on the ABC’s – attitude, behavior and character – of families as well as provide you with insight, perspective and strategies on handling the situations our tween-to-teens face every single day including:

Peer Pressure, Friendships & Relationships, Communication (or lack of!), Substance Use, Violence, Safety (online and offline!), Mood swings, Parents, Teasing / Bullying, Body Image, Schoolwork, Community Service, Puberty & Hormones, Skewed media images, Boyfriends, Girlfriends & Sexuality, Family changes (divorce, moving), New Schools

… the list goes on and on.

Honestly, the above issues and countless more will always be there. Heck, these are the same issues we experienced; the difference is the environment and intensity in which these issues come up. And, for most parents, it is overwhelming to keep up with all the trends, statements, studies, fads, perspectives, right? It would be so much simpler to have someone else sift through all that information while also stepping into the our children’s world to find out what is really going on.

Well, that’s what I do. For almost 17 years, I have worked with the elderly, new moms, preschoolers, younger kids, tweens, teens, parents, educators. I help parents just like you and me (I have tween-to-teens too!) get access to all the information you need, and I offer it in bite-size pieces to reduce some of that overwhelm. I have one goal: to help you understand your child so you can help your child understand him or herself.

I want to provide you with opportunities to gain perspective, find out the latest trends (without having to shift through hundreds of books and webpages), and hear directly from the horses mouth. (BTW, tweens and teens really hate it when you call them the horses mouth.)

Our Flipside members (lovingly dubbed our Flipside Family) pay only a few pennies a day. And here’s what they get:

flipside of parenting tween teen#1 Monthly Parenting Hot Topic video
Each month, I, along with a team of tween-to-teen advisors answer your burning questions about what is really going on with your kids from attitude to zzzz’s and everything in between. No topic is off limits. The true aha’s in these videos come from receiving the flipside perspective from the tween-to-teens.



#2: A Real Community Filled with Knowledge and Support
Our members receive complete, unlimited access to the entire Flipside community that is packed

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with articles, audios, videos, worksheets and much more.



flipside parenting tween teen#3: Monthly “Take 5″ video
Being a parent is a 24-hour-a-day job; it’s normal to feel overwhelmed at times. When we are busy taking care of others, one of the first things we neglect is taking care of ourselves. When you are over-stressed, so are your children, the monthly Take 5 video is an opportunity to take a breather and focus on yourself.


Flipside parenting tweens teen calendar


#4: Monthly Calendar of Family Activities, Conversation Starters and More

Ever stumped on what to talk about with your kids. Want some ideas on what to do together as a family? The Flipside monthly calendar is chock-full of ideas for a full month of conversations and connections.

Flipside Parenting Tween Teen

#5: Encouragement and Support
We all know that parenting can be challenging. That is why we are always here with inspiration, encouragement and a “can do” attitude.



flipside parenting tween teenBonus: Quarterly Guidance from Selection of Experts
Each quarter, I interview one of my peers on a variety of topics including Digital Safety, Character Development, Emotional Intelligence, and Protecting Children from Sexual Predators, Eating Habits, Body Image and much more.


Now for the Amazing Part!… Believe it or not, each month of membership costs about the same as this, a cup o’Starbucks.

Think about it, a latte at Starbucks costs around $5. (Coffee not your thing? Substitute whatever you like – a burger, glass of wine…) For the same price, you can join the Flipside clubhouse and get tons of insight, ideas and support on what you need to support your child and family. Again, you get access to everything for just $4.99 per month!

And, if you order a full year in advance today it’s even cheaper, and you’ll get unlimited access to the Flipside Clubhouse for 12 months but only pay for 10! If you’re not happy with your membership for any reason, you can cancel* at any time — no questions asked. So why not give it a try? It’s risk-free, and we’re certain you’ll love it!


Whether or not you choose to join the Flipside family, I have something very special we’d like to share with you:

You are a good parent. I take that back; you are a great parent!

Yep, I said it. You are exactly everything your child needs. As parents, we don’t hear that enough. And, not hearing that can make us wonder if we are doing it “right.” Let me assure that you are doing a great job. You already have the tools necessary to strengthen your family. It’s likely that all you need is a simple, easy way to uncover this knowledge, gain new insights and apply it in a fun way with your family. That is what the Flipside of Parenting community offers: the valuable information and perspective you need and want in a simple, easy, right at your fingertips way.

So, what are you waiting for…come join me on the Flipside!




*Choosing the month-to-month option? Cool! Just sit back and relax. Your membership will be renewed each month for just $4.99 and you’ll have access to everything. If you decide that it’s not right for you, cancel at any time.

(Please note that annual payments cancelled prior to the 12 months will be refunded at a monthly rate.)

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